Dé Secret Tiramisu
Hoodia is a type of cactus like herb “Hoodia Gordonii” which grown in South Africa in the Kalahari Desert. In ancient time, the people of the Kalahari Desert consume hoodia during long period hunting trips to quench hunger and thirsty. Nowadays, Hoodia is commonly used by people that facing obese problem It releases a chemical compound to the brain that signals one has eaten enough so that won’t feel hungry all the time. Obesity is very common nowadays due to lack of exercise and overeating. By consuming dé Secret, you may regulate the appetite easily to achieve perfect slimming effect!

Benefits of dé Secret * As appetite suppressant
* As thirsty quencher
* Cleanse digestive tract
* Reduce obese problem
* Reduce secretion of gastric acid
* Stimulate metabolism
* Aid in burning calories
* Increase food satisfaction
* Convert carbohydrates to energy
* Help in building stronger and healthier teeth and bones